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Were I to make the same reductive assessment of all adult literature that the genre’s critics make of YA fiction, then the serious novel would be about a middle-aged person struggling with career collapse and sexual frustration. I don’t want to belittle these topics, but they’re only serious to sexually frustrated middle-aged people, coincidentally being the same narrow demographic that adult literature seems to serve.
Damien Walter in the Guardian, responding to recent critiques of young adult books.


Inspired of course by by Joanna Russ. And not set off by anything in particular, just an aggregate of comments and a good friend being treated terribly for posting some of her fiction for free online.image

She tweets and tumblrs so she must not be working.
She never tweets…



Classics, Remixed


This is definitely something that Lucy in The Lucy Variations would post to her tumblr or send to her fellow music nerds.


Yawn and stretch. 

In case amyspalding needs to see this.


Yawn and stretch. 

In case amyspalding needs to see this.

mmmmm kitty ears

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I was supposed to be in New York this weekend. I made plans with people I was really excited to see and spend time with. After a long, disappointing, and frustrating summer, this was a gift to myself, both for making it through and in light of my upcoming birthday.

It’s a birthday that…