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Looking at other writers’ workspaces never gets old.


Where I Work: Cecil Castellucci

I write at home. I write during the day. When I am on deadline, like I am right now, I write all day. Lately it’s been at my table in the dining room. But in the fall and winter months, I spend hours and hours out on my porch. I like sunlight. I sometimes wonder if I am part flower. People wave to me as they walk their dogs. I’m likely the only person that they see since nobody really walks in Los Angeles. When the day winds down, if I’m still writing or if I’m in the mood, I’ll move to my office where the sun streams in so beautifully that magic hour truly feels magic. And writing always needs a dose of that.  

Cecil Castellucci will take part in a presentation titled “Alternate Formats: New Approaches to Teen Fiction” for SLJ’s SummerTeen: A Celebration of Young Adult Books.

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