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I don’t know how I missed this post last week on the Forever Young Adult site. 

 ”Dear Coach, I promise to love you, to talk about you ad nauseum to people who don’t know you until hey get pissed off because I won’t shut up about you, and to keep you in just the right amount of hair products.  I promise not to interrupt you while you’re watching game tape, and to follow you to whatever high school you want to coach at.  I promise to make multiple babies with you, and I promise to always invite Buddy Garritty in while we’re in the middle of dinner, even though I know he’s going to help himself to my portion of ham.  I promise not to bitch when you have to wake up at 3 am to bail one of your kids out of jail, and I vow to fix you breakfast in the morning, so long as you pour me several of glasses of wine each night.  AMEN.”