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You sometimes need friends

Your laundry pile sometimes gets really big

You sometimes cry a lot

You are sometimes scared to let people be friends

You sometimes need naps

You sometimes want to be alone

Sometimes nothing on your to-do list gets done

You sometimes don’t cry very much

You sometimes eat too much

You sometimes feel jealous

You sometimes don’t know how or who to ask for help

You sometimes skip the vegetables

You sometimes feel like a loser with nothing to offer

You sometimes experience envy

There are sometimes stray hairs growing on your body where you don’t expect them

You sometimes feel stupid

You sometimes act stupid

You sometimes feel left out

You sometimes want to run away or hide

You sometimes neglect everything

You sometimes just want to make out with everyone

You sometimes let people down

You have this one kind of mistake you make over and over

You sometimes can’t handle it

You sometimes don’t mean what you say

You sometimes don’t say what you mean

You sometimes get in over your head

You sometimes lock yourself out of your house or car

You’re sometimes quite afraid

You sometimes have to say no

You sometimes forgot you said yes

You sometimes doubt your core beliefs

Your feelings sometimes get hurt more than you think they should

You sometimes worry you’re the only one who __________. (You’re not.)

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